My Favorite Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry I’m definitely a low maintenance kind of girl. Rather than mixing it up with costume jewelry and switching up my routine, I’d rather stick to a handful of sentimental pieces that are both beautiful and meaningful. I’ve been lucky enough to be passed down and gifted some amazing pieces of jewelry that remind me of awesome memories and amazing people!


I have some redness to my skin (damn you rosy cheeks), but I have a yellow undertone I love to bring out by wearing gold. It’s pretty rare you’ll spot me in any silver. Yikes me and my expensive taste!

I’m absolutely in love with my hoop earrings. KB gifted these to me for Christmas a couple of years back and I literally haven’t taken them out since then! I love a good delicate hoop.

I typically sport two fairly flashy gold rings on both hands. Both of these rings actually belong to my mom! The sapphire ring on my left hand I’m fairly sure was an anniversary present from my Dad while I’m not entirely sure the story behind the emerald ring I wear on my right hand. My mom wears her engagement and wedding rings on the daily so she felt wearing additional rings was getting to be too much – hence how I inherited these bad boys. Keep the hand-me-downs coming, Ma!


The most meaningful piece of jewelry I own is my name necklace. No, this is not an ode to Carrie Bradshaw, it’s actually a really meaningful family heirloom.

I was the first born grandchild on my mom’s side of the family and my mom was incredibly close to her grandmother, who was affectionately called “Connie.” Nana Connie actually gifted me my “Kelsey” necklace when I was born – and a name necklace to every great-grand daughter after! I loved that necklace and wore it every single day – until I was mugged.

Part of me acknowledges maybe I had it coming. Sure, I was reading my iPad on the bus home from work and sure I had my headphones in, totally oblivious to the world around me. But then I think, screw you. I was actually mugged by a girl (not your stereotypical hold up). I remember the knife to my neck. I remember crumbling to the ground in immediate tears. But most of all I remember her glancing at my necklace, reaching for it, and ripping it off. She spat on me and ran away with everything I had. I didn’t care about any of it – not like I cared about the loss of my necklace.

Last Christmas my grandparents gave me a new “Kelsey” necklace and again, I haven’t taken it off since then. While nothing can replace the name necklace from my great grandmother, it’s been the greatest gift to have a new sentimental piece of jewelry from my Nana and Papa.

Do you love costume jewelry or do you have special pieces you wear every day?

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One response to “My Favorite Jewelry”

  1. Late January says:

    Jewelry given as gifts from loved ones always holds special places in our hearts. What a kind and thoughtful act for you grandparents to give you something to remember your Kelsey Necklace from your Nana Connie. Now we know where you get your thoughtful gift giving skills from. xo