Let’s Talk About Everlane

I love to test things thoroughly before I recommend them. And ya'll - I have been living in Everlane for the last two months. We're talking right down to my bra and undies.

No lie.

I had seen billboards for Everlane around San Francisco, but decided to take the plunge and try them out after they came highly recommended by a couple coworkers. Honestly their whole motto really piqued my interest - "modern basics, radical transparency."

Basics are my jam. I live for a basic black tee and die for the perfect classic button down. But as I've gotten older, I've started to care way more about where the things I buy come from. I used to work as an apparel buyer and honestly fast fashion can be horrifying. Don't get me wrong - I'm still a huge fan of F21, Zara, all the fast fashion houses. 

But what if you could know exactly where your clothes came from? What if you could know how much it cost the company to produce them? What if you could know the exact markup on each item?

And that's where Everlane comes in.

What is Everlane?

Everlane is a San Francisco based clothing company with a mission to design staple pieces with radical transparency. Everlane isn't known to be "trendy" and follow fads. They design classic, quality pieces that have long lifespans. They also pride themselves on transparency - from the factory your dress was sewn in down to the cost of the dress itself.

Where can you buy Everlane?

As of June 2018, Everlane has two retail locations (one in SF and one in NY). You can also shop Everlane online. Even though I'm based in SF I typically shop online! Everlane is known to have a line at the stores (both to get in and to snag a dressing room). 

Let's talk about sizing.

I like to keep it real with ya'll...

Everlane sizing is real weird. I'm not disillusioned when it comes to my size. I'm typically a size 6-8 or a medium. In Everlane; however, I'm almost always a small and sometimes even an XS. Sizing runs big. Basically they're known for their casual, lived-in, oversized, boyfriend sort of vibe. Their sizing reflects that. When in doubt, size down.

Is Everlane expensive?

"Expensive" is honestly a relative term. If you're comparing pricing to Forever21 - yes, it's "expensive." I had to take a moment to myself and think about how I was evaluating cost. Everlane is not actually comparable to Forever21. Forever21 is fast fashion - Everlane is about longevity. 

A basic tee from Everlane will run you anywhere from $12-$20. Sweaters land in the $40-$80 range. Outerwear usually floats from $80-$120. Something I love about shopping online is that they actually tell you what the price of the same piece would be from a "traditional retailer." And I actually do believe them.

Are the pieces high quality?

Everlane pieces are high quality. The reason I believe the "traditional retailer" price comparisons is because the materials used in each piece are quality. For example, Everlane makes a line of $100 cashmere sweaters. Can you imagine snagging a cashmere sweater from a "designer" brand at a $100 price point?

Yeah - me neither.

My Everlane Picks

Alright, alright, alright - I'm currently bundled up in bed watching Parks and Rec reruns so let's wrap this one up.

If I had to recommend my TOP FIVE fave pieces - this is the list!

I'm seriously not even exaggerating when I say my wardrobe is now 80% Everlane - so trust me these items are my ultimate faves.

Have you tried anything from Everlane? Tell me your fave pieces!