The Best Everlane Pieces

Hellooooo, babes. 

Alright, if ya'll follow me over on IG, you know I LOVE me some Everlane. Like, LOVE. There are usually two Everlane related questions I get in my DMs:

★ Is Everlane "worth" the price?

★ How the F do Everlane pieces fit?

The "worth" question is always a little tough to answer - I think it depends. I personally like their capsule style design and love their efforts to be more sustainable (like promising to eliminate plastic from their supply chain). I'm willing to pay more for these things.

And in terms of fit - that's why I did a massive try on video on my YouTube channel! A lot of Everlane pieces are on the boxier side and tend to run a little big, so both in that video and in this post I do my best to give you fit and sizing direction.

I own every single piece I've linked in this post down below. Feel free to hit me up in the comments with any Everlane Qs!

Let's break down my fave Everlane pieces.

My Everlane Try On Vid

My Everlane Tops Picks

I  have so many Everlane tops. SO. MANY. Honestly, I prefer Everlane sweaters and tees over any other brand.

The Cotton Box-Cut Tee is my absolute fave style t-shirt to get that dressed down look. I'm not a huge fan of fitted t-shirts, so love that this cut is a little slouchy in nature.

When it comes to sweaters, I have way too many favorites to mention. You can toggle through the list above to see my top picks (I own every single item in the carousel!). If I had to choose just one sweater style out of them all, I'd recommend the Oversized Alpaca Crew. I've been able to wear the Alpaca Crew to everything from work to date night - it's crazy versatile and crazy comfortable. And under $100!

My Everlane Outerwear Picks

I only have a handful of Everlane outerwear styles. Because I'm so short, it's a little tough to find the perfect outerwear pieces in general, but I do love the Denim Jacket (I have it in black) and the ReNew Lightweight Puffer (I have it in pink). The Denim Jacket is perfect for spring/summer seasons as it's not heavyweight. It is definitely oversized, so I recommend ordering 1-2 sizes down. I break out the ReNew Puffer during the colder seasons - it's lightweight but WOW is it warm!

My Everlane Bottoms Picks

When it comes to Everlane bottoms, I'm really only all about the Authentic Stretch Denim. I have both the High Rise and the Mid Rise. I've struggled with other Everlane denim cuts in the past - I feel like they're a little tough on my body frame (I'm petite, but have some hips, I tell ya). The Authentic Stretch, though, is a big win. It fits comfortably and is super flattering.

My Everlane Underwear Picks

I LOVE Everlane underwear. LOVE. I know it's weird to feel that strongly about underwear, but seriously, this stuff ROCKS.

I have several pairs of the underwear as well as this bra and this bra. The undies are comfortable and breathable. When it comes to the bras, I can be honest that I probably like them because 1) I hate underwire bras and 2) I have small boobs. If you're any larger than a B cup, the bras may not have enough support.

My Everlane Shoe Picks

I have two different Everlane shoe styles and love both, but for different reasons.

The Modern Loafer is my go-to work shoe. It always pulls my outfit together and gives me that professional edge, even when I'm just wearing jeans and a tee! When it comes to a slightly dressier feel, I always go for the Day Heel. I am NOT a heels girl, which is why I love these heels - they're so comfortable. I was actually wearing a red pair of the Day Heels when KB proposed!

Got Everlane Qs? Hit me up in the comments below!