Skincare With Superfoods

Let's talk SKINCARE.

One of my favorite things ever.

I'm a skincare addict. I love makeup - but it all starts with flawless skin.

Elemis was kind enough to send me their new Superfood collection to test out. Seeing as this is a new line, I wanted to break down the ins and outs of these products.

Let's get cracking.


Superfood Facial Wash - $25

I always start my Superfood routine with the Superfood Facial Wash. This is a nutrient-dense cleanser that has a gel like consistency. It smells super fresh.

The cleanser is filled with, you guessed it - superfoods. Ingredients boasted include wheatgrass and kale along with broccoli seed, avocado, and pumpkin seed oils. The end result is a nourishing cleanse that literally smells of good for you greens.

I like this cleanser. I like it a lot. I especially like the reasonable price point here. If you’re looking for an entry product into the Elemis Superfood line, the Superfood Facial Wash is a great choice.

Superfood Day Cream - $45

The Superfood Day Cream packs a similar ingredient punch as the Facial Wash, but with some anti-oxidants like ginger, matcha tea, and goji berry tossed in. 

This moisturizer is lightweight which makes it great for day time or pre-makeup application. I do like this moisturizer, but I wish it had SPF. I understand the $45 price point reflects the quality of the superfood ingredients, but do feel $45 is pricy for a daytime moisturizer that doesn’t include an SPF. 

I’ll enjoy this moisturizer while I have it in my repertoire but am a “maybe” on the repurchase.

Superfood Night Cream - $55

The Elemis Superfood Night Cream, like its daytime counterpart, is packed with healthy ingredients like chia, black seed, rice bran, and flax seed oils (just to name a few). While the Night Cream is definitely thicker than the Day Cream, I wouldn’t say it’s rich or heavy by any means (my favorite night time moisturizer is much creamier). 

Ringing in at $55, I do think this price makes sense for a nighttime moisturizer packed with such great ingredients. I’ve definitely noticed a change in the overall brightness and texture of my skin after using this for several weeks - would repurchase. 

Superfood Facial Oil - $55

I was a facial oil virgin before trying out the Elemis Superfood Facial Oil. This product isn’t new for Elemis, but can now be found in a beautified package. After I’ve washed and moisturized, I use my Facial Oil to seal it all in. 

This oil is incredibly hydrating and I’ve actually really enjoyed using it. Although I was an oil newbie when I started, I’m now an oil convert. I’m a believer




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Overall I was really impressed with the Elemis Superfood Collection! I will continue to repurchase the Facial Wash, Night Cream, and Facial Oil after I burn through my bottles. I may not always be perfect about eating superfoods on a daily basis, but I’m all about sneaking some into my skincare.

Have you tried the Elemis Superfood line? Let me know in the comments below!

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