Bagel Bookclub: Eightysixed

I’m fairly picky when it comes to books. Not picky in that I won’t give them a shot, but picky in that I probably put down more than half the books I start before I’m even halfway through them. Every once in a while I’ll get that magical moment – that eyeballs glued to the page, don’t even want to get up for a bathroom break, OH EM GEE this book is SO good moment. “Bagel Bookclub” is inspired by that magical feeling, dedicated to showcasing the books that I seriously couldn’t put down once I started them – and giving you a space to share your favorite books with me!


About a week ago I got my hands on a copy of Eightysixed written by the witty Emily Belden. And guys…I. Lost. My. Mind. Admittedly I always start a new book with skepticism – with my rate of success it’s like going on a first date and let’s be honest most first dates don’t end all that well. I picked up Eightysixed at 5 o’clock as I rode my bus home from work and had finished it by 9:30 pm. Um, did I black out?

Eightysixed tells Emily’s tale of men and food – two topics I’d say we all find delicious, eh? Imagine if Eat, Pray, Love was funnier and laced with sarcasm and a hint of self-deprecation. That’s Eightysixed. Each chapter kicks off with a life lesson (Don’t drink and text, Brad Pitt is not on, and your future husband is not at dollar shot night). Not all her dates go well (felons, deportation, hey it happens) but that’s half the fun of reading this book – following her hilarious and horrific exploits. The other half of the fun comes in the form of a handsome chef from Holland who is swoon-worthy. Like Ryan Gosling in The Notebook swoon-worthy (okay maybe not that good, but he’ll do).


For those of you who have already read Eightysixed, or are planning to order a copy, I’m really curious to know your thoughts! Obviously this is a true story and based on Emily’s life – but is anyone else lightweight ashamed to admit they’re #TeamFloris? Read along and you’ll know what I mean – and tell me what you thought in the comments below!

Join in on this Bagel Bookclub by sharing your thoughts (and your favorite page) with me! Use the hashtag #BagelBookclub on Instagram to send me your snaps of your favorite page in Eightysixed.

To make my first Bagel Bookclub even more amazing, I have a special code for an autographed copy of Eightysixed – for $7. Uh, ten please.

Enter in the code “bagels” when ordering your copy!

 xoxo Blonde