Easy Sushi Burrito Recipe

I don’t claim to be any kind of pro chef – but man do I love making a tasty sushi burrito at home. I feel like sushi is often seen as a very intimidating dish to try to make at home (it’s not – it’s actually very approachable!). A sushi burrito is tasty, kicks any sushi craving you might have to the curb, and also is a super fun and easy dish to DIY.

Sure, you could always order online – but I’m into a skip the line and cook at home kind of sushi party. Let’s dive in to my tips and tricks for nailing the perfect at-home sushi burrito situation.

Make a healthy sushi burrito at home with this easy recipe! Sushi burritos are fun and easy to make DIY style at home.

My little disclaimer.

I’m not a professional chef. This is how me, an everyday gal who loves sushi, makes her fave sushi burrito. Please don’t @ me for not cooking something “properly.” 🙂 Please also don’t @ me because a Japanese burrito seems like an oxymoron.

Why a sushi burrito instead of, I don’t know…actual sushi?

Uh, because sushi burritos are FUN. I don’t know about you, but personally I love a good hand roll. I also love burritos. I’m not the inventor of the yummy sushi burrito, but I’m clearly a big fan of their work.

My sushi burrito recipe.

What you’ll need.

  • Bamboo sushi rolling mat
  • Rice pot or rice cooker
  • Cutting board
  • A glass of water
  • Sharp knife
  • Sushi rice
  • Nori seaweed sheets
  • ANY sushi fixings you love – cucumber, avocado, crab meat, smoked salmon, cream cheese, etc

Make a healthy sushi burrito at home with this easy recipe! Sushi burritos are fun and easy to make DIY style at home.

Make a healthy sushi burrito at home with this easy recipe! Sushi burritos are fun and easy to make DIY style at home.

Make a healthy sushi burrito at home with this easy recipe! Sushi burritos are fun and easy to make DIY style at home.

The simplified instructions.

Prep your ingredients.

I’m calling my instructions here “simplified” because I’m going to assume you know how to make rice. I’ll be very honest: I don’t make sushi rice any differently than I would make any other grain. I usually break out my Le Creuset Grain Pot and whip up a double batch of sushi rice as per my usual process. I do make sure to rinse my rice prior to cooking until the water runs clear, but otherwise I do nothing else special or unique. Sometimes I’ll opt for brown rice instead of traditional sushi rice.

As the rice is cooking up, I recommend prepping all your internal sushi burrito ingredients. Whatever delicious ingredients you intend to pack into your Instagram worthy sushi burrito, the big thing to make sure you do is to cut all ingredients into the longest shape possible. For example, we’ll want no dicing happening anywhere. Think like, carrot stick shape! Long, lean, and ready to be rolled!

I’m a big fan of cucumber, avocado, and lox in my sushi burrito. Not going to lie, a very Americanized Philly Roll packed with cream cheese is one of my favorite rolls out there. Ya know, just keeping true to my bagel loving blog name. For my sushi burrito, I sliced my cucumber as long and thin as possible. If you’re curious how to prepare avocado for sushi, take a peek at the photos in this post. Slice your avo length wise in an attempt to create the longest pieces possible!

Assemble your burrito.

Once your rice is done and all your ingredients are prepped, it’s time to assemble your sushi burrito!

Start by reaching for your bamboo sushi mat. Place a single sheet of your nori onto the mat with the rough side facing up. Use a fork or spoon to spread a layer of rice evenly on top of the nori (on to the rough side) covering the entire sheet with the exception of a one inch strip along the top. It’s very important to leave some nori clean at the top of the sheet so that you’re able to seal your burrito shut after rolling.

Once your rice is spread evenly, you’ll want to start layering in all your ingredients at the bottom end of the nori sheet (the side closest to you). Layer your ingredients in a line, on top of each other. See my photos for reference. Because we’re doing a burrito and not a roll – feel free to pack this baby up! I loaded my sushi burrito up with plenty of the avocado, cucumber, and lox. I also realized I had plenty more room so added some shredded carrot and lettuce.

Roll away!

Here comes the fun part – rolling! Grip the end of the sushi mat that is closest to you and start to roll over your ingredients. Because this is a burrito and not a small roll, there actually is very little rolling involved. 1-2 turns max! Make sure to apply gentle pressure as you go to ensure no loose ingredients are able to fall out of the burrito.

To seal the burrito, you’ll dip a finger into the nearby glass of water and run it along the clean (rice free) edge of the nori sheet. Then simply press that loose, clean end onto the burrito itself to seal.

If you’re feeling like the ends of your burrito have uneven amounts of ingredients or look a little messy, feel free to cut them off! Simply dip your sharp knife into your glass of water (to prevent sticking!) and slice off the ends of your sushi burrito.


Need I say more?

What makes for a healthy sushi recipe?

American diet culture loves to hate on carbs (grains), and thus sushi is rarely labeled as a health food. Transparently, American diet culture is a bit of a mess. There are so many cultures across the globe who live to be much older and healthier than the average American – and they eat grains as a staple part of their diet.

My tip for how to make burrito sushi – or any sushi roll – healthier? Pack it full of fibrous and vitamin packed veggies. If the main content of the sushi is veggies, you’re killing the game. My play is always to add loads of greens to your sushi rather than try to eliminate sushi from your diet entirely. Deprivation usually doesn’t do us much good. You’re also much less likely to experience inflammatory response to homemade food rather than eating out – so I totally recommend making healthy homemade sushi yourself rather than dining out.

Although obviously I LOVE a sushi restaurant date myself. And it’s important to #supportlocal. BALANCE.

“Health” is a tricky word – and I’m personally not into food labeling. Foods aren’t morally bad or good. They’re just foods. Adding whole fruits and veggies to any meal instantly makes it “healthier.”

PS: I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach.

Are you into the sushirrito? Share your sushi burrito recipe faves in the comments down below!

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