The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Day Hair

Now that I'm engaged, I'll keep it real - wedding EVERYTHING is all that's on my mind. 

Plus it's also the only thing anyone really wants to talk with me about anymore.

NBD I'm soaking it allll in.

Anyway, I popped into Patrick Evan Salon yesterday for a little color touch up (btw I've written about my love for the salon before here so you should really read that post) and my stylist, Pam, and I got to chatting about all things yay and nay when it comes to wedding hair. Pam is an ANGEL and we have incredibly similar taste - timeless, but modern.

As we were chatting I felt like she had so many good little nuggets of bridal hair wisdom to share that I thought I'd do a whole beautiful post with some of her advice as well as some of my wedding hair inspiration.

Keep on reading for the DOS and DON'TS of your wedding hair.


DO keep up with your regular trims

When should you cut your hair before the wedding? Pam says it's important to keep up with your regular trims, but aim to keep your trim around two weeks before the big day. For any major hair cut changes (think big length changes, bangs, etc), Pam recommends taking the plunge a month or so before to give yourself wiggle room for any needed touch ups. 

DO schedule a shine treatment for the week before your big day

This was total news to me - apparently you can do SHINE treatments! Every bride wants a little extra glow. Pam says to book a shine treatment the week before you walk down the aisle for some extra sparkle sparkle.

DO refresh your color no less than two weeks before the wedding

I wanted Pam's opinion on how soon before my wedding we'd want to "refresh" my color. Weeks? Months? What if something goes randomly wrong?

Pam's advice was to refresh any color two weeks out - just in case. 

DON'T do a big color transformation in the weeks leading up to your wedding

Pam's biggest (and personally I think BEST) piece of advice was not to do any major hair transformations leading up to the big day. This is exactly why I love Patrick Evan Salon and Pam as my stylist - I always walk out looking like ME. Pam and I feel the same about the "big day" - you should look like you! Just like, you know, slightly more polished. 😉

Ultimately it's your day, so DO YOU, but Pam and I will be keeping it fairly natural with a little blonde balayage refresh before I walk down the aisle.

DON'T choose a "trendy" hairstyle the day of

When it comes to styling on the day of, I turn to the experts for all the bridal advice I need. The big one I heard in the Patrick Evan Salon building? 

Don't follow the trends. You might regret it when you look at photos later.

PES loves bridal styling - but keep the bird fascinators at home (unless, of course, that's your jam). 


My wedding day hair inspo

I pulled together a small little inspo board for my own wedding day hair - but honestly I plan to keep it simple! I want to keep my hair the lob length it's at now and do a sultry, textured, wave. Pam also said it could look super cute to tuck one side behind the ear and have a small, decorated pin! OR GLITTER. 



Wedding day hair wisdom to share? Leave it in the comments below!

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