4 Designer Bags Under $1000

I love designer bags, but wow do I hate designer prices. I’ve written a ton of blog posts about shopping pre-loved handbags, how to buy a designer handbag on sites like eBay or Fashionphile – you name it, I’ve written it. I definitely have an appreciation for a little designer bag situation. But I also have an appreciation for enjoying luxury on a budget.

Let’s break down the best designer bags under $1000 in this guide – because there are some cute AF styles at this more reasonable price point.

What I consider “designer”

First off, I know there will be a ton of opinions about what brands are considered “designer.” It’s tricky. Sure styles from Gucci, Prada, Givenchy, or Saint Laurent are classic “designer” bags. But I really feel like “designer” should go beyond just the name and mean more about the make and quality of the bag. So for the purpose of this blog post, all the bags listed will absolutely be of luxury quality and have reputable designer names – but they won’t all be a Gucci Camera Bag kind of a situation.

The best designer bags under $1000

Louis Vuitton Favorite MM

If you can get your hands on a Louis Vuitton Favorite MM at retail, it slides right under the $1000 mark…although admittedly that’s the tricky part. This bag has sky rocketed in popularity and there are some rumors that it may be on the path to being discontinued. Louis Vuitton has made no statements or confirmations either way – so for now we speculate. If you’re on the hunt for this bag at retail price, I recommend heading to your local store or calling the number on their website.

I added the Louis Vuitton Favorite MM to my wardrobe in 2018 (full blog post review here!) and it’s quickly become a favorite of mine. I love the option to wear the bag both as a crossbody bag and as a shoulder or clutch bag. The bag itself is definitely a bit of a mini bag – you won’t be fitting loads of items inside – but it fits the necessities and looks chic while doing it.

I also love that I get a hit of the classic LV monogram, but just a touch. I’m not a huge fan of the monogram in big items, so love that I can pay a little homage to the signature print in a small way.


Polène Numéro Un Mini

Polène has been making waves lately, I swear. The brand is still somewhat under the radar, but I’m seeing more and more Polène pieces as I’m out and about lately. I love the Polène Numéro Un Mini. You can find my full blog post review of the bag here, but the main takeaway is it’s a luxury style bag at a really reasonable price point. The bag is designed and made in Europe with luxury materials, like leather. I also love that this bag is unique. While I’m seeing Polène more and more – I’m still not seeing Louis Vuitton Neverfull levels of ownership. The size of the bag is another huge pro. I can fit my wallet – not just a card holder – into this bag!

The only con of this bag to note is that the chain strap is so high quality and sturdy, it can sometimes “cut” into your shoulder a bit over time. Not literally – it just gets slightly uncomfortable. Despite this, I still wear the bag regularly and love doing so.

Curious if the Polene Numero Un Mini is worth it? Find out in Kelsey from Blondes and Bagels' Polene Numero Un Mini Review!

Senreve Maestra

Senreve as a brand is another case study in luxury, high end bags, but without that Prada price tag. Senreve quality is astounding – everything is sturdy, luxurious, supple, etc. There aren’t enough adjectives to fully dive in.

But what Senreve bags have that many other best bag designers do not have is a focus on function. Senreve bags have features like built in laptop or tablet sleeves, microfiber linings, the ability to wear the bags as shoulder bags or backpacks – and so much more. Each piece truly is designed with real life function in mind.

I’m a huge fan of the Maestra bags, which currently come in three different sizes. You can read my review of the Maestra in this blog post. Depending on the size, color, and material you choose, the price can easily come in under the $1000 mark.

Side note – you can use the code “BAGELS” on the Senreve website for $50 off your purchase.

Find out if the Senreve Maestra bag is worth the price in this thorough Senreve review by Kelsey of Blondes and Bagels!

Balenciaga City Bag

When it comes to designer handbags, the Balenciaga City Bag is one of the OGs. We’re talking throw it back to 2007 Paris and Nicole kind of OG. It seemed like back during that time every celebrity had this bag. Balenciaga is still a popular brand today. While the City Bag has waned in general popularity – I honestly think it’s a classic. I’m including the City Bag in this blog post because it’s super easy to find like new condition pre-loved City Bags under the $1000 price point.


What are your favorite designer bags under $1000? Should I do a post about the best designer bags under $500? Would be a challenge – but I may just be up for it. Let’s chit chat in the comments down below!

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