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This Cuyana Hexagon Crossbody review is in partnership with Cuyana. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I’m a ride or die Cuyana fan and have multiple blog posts and YouTube videos about the brand. Thanks to Cuyana for sponsoring this post and a huge thank you to my readers for supporting the brands that make Blondes & Bagels possible!

Can I just humble brag that at this point I think I’m “known” both here on the blog and on YouTube for my Cuyana handbag reviews? Seriously – my Google Analytics and YouTube Studio stats prove as much. This blog post review of the Cuyana Structured Tote is still hands down my largest traffic-driving blog post to date. My YouTube Cuyana reviews have surpassed the tens of thousands.

So yes – I love my Cuyana bags. LOL! We’re in a committed relationship.

This post is actually my first partnership ever with the brand and I couldn’t be more excited. I love writing reviews because I get to be really in the weeds and nitty gritty. I am super picky with my handbags. Because I am such an advocate of capsule wardrobe dressing, handbags for me are like my jewelry. They’re my prime accessory. A bag can make or break a look for me.

Plus – I love functional fashion. You’ll never catch me with those super trendy small bags that only fit a stick of gum. Even in my smallest of bags I like function in my design.

I’m a big believer in “you get what you pay for” and I’m definitely willing to pay for quality – but like I said, I’m picky. Which is why reviews are SUPER fun for me, because I get to break down every aspect of a bag and really hone in on the ultimate question…

Is it worth it?

Cuyana just dropped their March collection and with it came their newest crossbody bag: the Hexagon Crossbody. I was both intrigued and excited to see such a unique shape in a crossbody – and was definitely eager to get my hands on the bag to give it a test drive.

Let’s dig into this little Cuyana Hexagon Crossbody review.

Cuyana Hexagon Crossbody
Cuyana Hexagon Crossbody

The facts

Let’s keep it real from the start – the overall design and make of this bag is luxe and unique. I’ve owned plenty of crossbody bags throughout the years, but never a hexagon shaped bag. Cuyana is well known for their capsule style designs, but with modern twists. The Hexagon Crossbody is a great example of living into this branding – the bag is interesting and unique, but somehow still timeless and classic. Despite it’s interesting shape, it’s not trendy.


The Cuyana Hexagon Crossbody is designed in San Francisco and made in Italy with Italian smooth leather. The high quality craftsmanship and material is standard for Cuyana – “quality” and “Cuyana” always go hand in hand.

What I really appreciate about this bag actually are the little hidden design details. The bag itself is lined with an Italian cotton twill – a great fabric that is a nice blend of aesthetically pleasing and functional (not tough to clean!). There’s also a little slip pocket on the inside of the bag allowing for easy to reach storage. 

I know this seems like a weird detail to love – but I love the hidden magnetic closure. Zippers are secure, but tend to look more casual. Button closures I often struggle with on the go. The magnetic closure on this bag means I can easily snap it shut while on the move, but the bag itself reads overall more elevated than casual because the closure is hidden.

Cuyana Hexagon Crossbody
Cuyana Hexagon Crossbody


The Cuyana Hexagon Crossbody is a true small crossbody in design. The bag rings in at 11 inches wide, 7.5 inches in height, and 2.75 inches deep. The strap is incredibly versatile with seven different notches to allow you to get the bag to whatever length feels most comfortable.


The Hexagon Crossbody is priced at $325 USD.


Versatility of design

Hands down – the Hexagon Crossbody is the most versatile crossbody bag I own. So many crossbody bags feel inherently casual – or you have the flip side with little tiny evening clutches that are far too formal for everyday use.

The Hexagon Crossbody is the perfect blend of everyday function with timeless and versatile style. This crossbody can be styled with jeans and a tee for a trip to the grocery store – but can also easily be worn dressed up for date night drinks. I don’t own any other bag with this level of versatility in styling.


Despite being chic enough to wear for evening – the Hexagon Crossbody still has the comfort to wear of an everyday bag. I credit a lot of the comfort of this bag with the width of the crossbody strap – ringing in at just over 1” wide. I own some beautiful crossbody bags with chain straps and while I love the look – I hate the feel. Chain straps are often digging into your shoulder after an hour of wear. 

The Hexagon Crossbody strap sits comfortably across the shoulder and the bag is also light – meaning you don’t have a ton of extra weight causing shoulder strain.


Do we even need to spend a load of time here?

Cuyana = quality. It’s the reason Cuyana is hands down my favorite handbag brand – even more so than any of my designer bags. From my first ever Cuyana purchase (the Structured Tote – you can read my review here) to my now overflowing collection – none of my bags have significant wear after years of use

I’m actually confident enough to say that my Cuyana bags will likely end up as hand-me-downs to my future daughter(s) if I’m lucky enough to have them. The quality is that good – the bags wear beautifully as the years go by.

Cuyana Hexagon Crossbody
Cuyana Hexagon Crossbody



Truly the only downside to the Cuyana Hexagon Crossbody is that it’s a smaller bag – but that’s exactly what it is designed to be. I tend to be a big bag kind of a gal because I have so many items to take with me to the office, so I think I’m always a little bummed I can’t wear this bag as my office day work bag.

My way around this? I’ve been slipping it into my new Tall Structured Leather Zipper Tote (in this color specifically – new for Spring!) to take with me when I grab lunch midday. Usually I have to cart my totes with me if I go grab lunch, but packing the Hexagon Crossbody inside means I can just grab it and go so I’m hands free when I carry my $14 salad back to the office (lol, the joys of living in San Francisco). I also pack my wallet and keys inside the Hexagon Crossbody inside my tote – meaning it’s a really easy grab and go sort of set up.

The Cuyana Hexagon Crossbody vs the Camera Bag

Cuyana’s Camera Bag is my OG most loved crossbody bag. I actually go back so far with the brand that I was rocking this bag back when it was the “Tassel” bag – it’s since been redesigned into this more streamlined version we know as the “Camera Bag” today.

Since the Camera Bag is a Cuyana favorite, I thought it would make sense to do a little comparison within this post. If you’re a Cuyana fan – you likely know the Camera Bag well, so this comparison can give a little perspective as to what makes these two bags different.


While the Hexagon Crossbody rings in at $325, the Camera Bag is priced at $160.

Fun fact – I have a Bachelor of Science in Apparel Merchandising & Design. So if I had to take a stab at where the cost difference comes in here, it’s really in the design, materials, and make. 

The Camera Bag is a much simpler (and informal) shape. There are likely fewer pieces required in the pattern for the Camera Bag vs the Hexagon Crossbody. That also means there’s likely less labor involved to actually assemble the Camera Bag. The Camera Bag also utilizes an exposed zipper closure vs the hidden magnetic closure on the Hexagon Crossbody – it’s definitely less expensive to make items with “exposed” closures and zippers are lower for a manufacturer to purchase than a magnet.

Seriously – I love doing little comparisons like this. Sometimes I really miss my career in Merchandising, and I love being able to see where a designer makes clear, specific choices of elevated design details. Yes – elevated design details impact cost. But the big pro? A beautifully designed piece.

Straight up – both crossbodies are beautiful bags. The long story short here is that the Camera Bag is a simpler design, which leads to a lower price point vs the Hexagon Crossbody with a more elevated and complex design.

Cuyana Hexagon Crossbody
Cuyana Hexagon Crossbody


The Camera Bag is 9 inches wide, 6.25 inches tall, and 2.75 inches deep.This means the Hexagon Crossbody is actually slightly bigger than the Camera Bag.

Transparently, because of the hexagon shape of the Hexagon Crossbody, the bags fit a similar amount of items. Size is pretty comparable between the two.


Both the Camera Bag and the Hexagon Crossbody are made with high quality Italian leather. The primary materials differences between the two are what we discussed in the “Price” section – mainly the trims and closures. Otherwise both of these bags are beautiful crossbody bags made with high quality materials.

The verdict – my final thoughts.

Truthfully – I don’t think I’ve met a Cuyana bag yet I didn’t love.


If you’re in the market for a high end, thoughtfully made, and especially versatile crossbody  bag – the Hexagon Crossbody is the perfect choice. This bag has all the key checkpoints that make Cuyana a brand I love (capsule style design, great materials, etc), with added versatility in design that allows for extended wear across different events from the farmers market to dinners out.

My final thoughts? I dig it.

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Lifestyle blogger Kelsey from Blondes & Bagels gives a thorough review of Cuyana's new crossbody bag: The Cuyana Hexagon Crossbody. Read the pros & cons!
Lifestyle blogger Kelsey from Blondes & Bagels gives a thorough review of Cuyana's new crossbody bag: The Cuyana Hexagon Crossbody. Read the pros & cons!

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