Cuyana Brand Review + Top Picks From the Brand

Cuyana has long been one of my most worn brands. So many of the styles I wear regularly are still available, but there are also now several styles that have been discontinued. You can peruse a whole host of my Cuyana review blog posts and YouTube videos – but I also thought it was time for a little updated blog post brand review.

Cuyana Hexagon Crossbody

Are Cuyana products worth the hype – and the price?

I pride myself in giving you the meat of the blog post up front: yes, Cuyana bags are worth it. Cuyana is a brand that stands for quality, sustainability, and timeless style. The price attached to Cuyana styles is fair given the production and the quality of materials.

What makes Cuyana special.

Capsule wardrobe style design.

Cuyana is special because every piece is designed thoughtfully and intentionally – not with the mindset to increase mass consumption and waste. Cuyana designs in a capsule wardrobe style, meaning most pieces are mix and match, are in classic shapes and silhouettes, and pair well together.

Focus on sustainability.

Cuyana’s brand motto is “fewer, better.” I am so over the moon in love with the fact that Cuyana focuses on the sustainability of their styles and not mass production and consumption. Cuyana also partnered with thredUP to start the Lean Closet Program, encouraging the upcycling of clothing. Cuyana x thredUP shipping labels are included with every online order and in stores, labels can be used to “pare down your closet to fewer, better pieces and help benefit women through H.E.A.R.T.”

The use of high quality materials.

Cuyana styles are always made with high quality materials and in artisan locations. Cuyana is not produced like fast fashion (poorly and en masse). Cuyana pieces are produced thoughtfully and made well – so they DO actually last.

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The best Cuyana styles to buy.

The Classic Structured Leather Tote.

The Classic Structured Leather Tote is my top pick whenever I’m asked to recommend a Cuyana bag to buy. If I could only pick one handbag style in my entire wardrobe to keep, it would be this bag. The Classic Structured Tote is perfectly sized to be used as an everyday tote bag, a bag for work, or even as a diaper bag. Featuring one interior pocket, this tote has plenty of wide, open interior space. I’m also a huge fan of the pebbled leather and more structured silhouette of this bag compared to Cuyana’s classic tote – it comes across more professional and polished.

Curious which tote is better, the Cuyana, Everlane, or Madewell totes? This post is for you! Check out this full tote comparison blog post.


The Tall Structured Leather Zipper Tote.

I’d still choose the Classic Structured Leather Tote over everything, but do love having the Cuyana zipper tote as an option while commuting or traveling. This tall tote has a zipper, unlike its Classic Structured counterpart. The top zipper adds an extra layer of security. This bag also includes a built in laptop sleeve, meaning no additional organizational insert is needed.

Trying to choose the best Cuyana leather tote? Look no further than the Tall Structured Zipper Tote in this blog post review.

The Tote Organization Insert.

I really do hate to recommend an insert that comes at an additional cost, but wow did buying this Cuyana tote insert really change the game for me. I loved my Classic Structured Tote prior to using the insert, but it was with the insert that it became my #1 handbag pick of all time. The tote insert adds so much more function to my bag, including extra compartments, a laptop sleeve, and a cupholder. I love being able to safely take my coffee on the go inside my bag – with no spills on my laptop or other personal items! Of all the accessories Cuyana makes – this one is my hands down favorite and has been for years.

The Leather Backpack.

Cuyana’s Leather Backpack is a perfect hands free bag option if you’re constantly on the go. I’m all about functional bags, and a backpack screams functional. The interior of this bag has only one compartment, but is otherwise a wide, open space for the filling. The bag closes via drawstring in addition to a flap closure (secured via a button). The strap design on this bag is unique: it can actually be carried via top handle, as a crossbody/shoulder bag, or as a backpack.


The Leather Travel Case Set

This Leather Travel Case Set is hands down my go to gift whenever a birthday rolls around. Every Cuyana pouch is functional and feels like a bit of luxury, but the fact that this is a set and so perfectly paired together makes it feel extra luxe. This set also comes in a whole host of colors, often with seasonal colors rotating in and out. I own these sets in a classic black as well as red. The small size is perfect to store makeup brushes and the large size fits all my daily makeup essentials. I also sometimes use these bags while traveling to store smaller knick knacks like charging cables.


Where can I shop Cuyana?

I’m a regular Cuyana customer and always buy my pieces from Cuyana directly. As of the time of writing this post, Cuyana clothing, Cuyana swim, and Cuyana accessories can only be bought from a Cuyana store or online. Unfortunately there’s no Cuyana Nordstrom section to browse at this time, so no Nordies points to rack up.

That said, I do love shopping Cuyana directly. Brands like Cuyana are on the smaller side and it always feels good to support the brand directly rather than through a larger retailer.

What are your favorite Cuyana pieces? What items are on your wishlist? Let’s chat in the comments below!