Choosing Our Perfect Mattress: an Idle Sleep Review

I have love affairs with my beds. I really do. There are plenty of things in this life I don’t believe investing in – but the perfect sleep set up isn’t on that list. I’m a fiend for my beds because we spend one third of our life sleeping. And honestly, getting bad sleep impacts just about every other area of your life. Ever wake up after a nasty night of sleep, sore, crabby, and lethargic?

Not in my house.

When we went through the process of buying our first home, I knew I wanted to do a serious upgrade on our bed setup. This was finally my moment to have the princess bed of my dreams with a classic bed frame, cozy soft bedding, but most importantly: the PERFECT mattress. 

And that’s where Idle Sleep comes in.

So ya’ll. Mattresses are personal. We all love something a little different. But let’s dive into exactly why Idle Sleep was my mattress of choice when it came to building out our dream bed – and why you should be adding Idle to your shopping list when you’re in the market for the perfect mattress.

As always I’m a big believer in transparency. All the links in this blog post are affiliate links. You can learn more about how I make money blogging in this blog post. We also were kindly gifted our Idle Sleep mattress by the Idle team, but none of what I’ve written in this blog post review was contracted, required, or in any way influenced by the Idle Sleep team. 

So let’s get into it!


Our experience with the Idle Sleep Gel Plush Mattress

About Idle Sleep

Idle Sleep is an online mattress and sleep brand with the ease of your new mattress delivered right to your door. Admittedly there are a ton of “mattress in a box” brands to choose from now. What I’d say sets Idle Sleep apart from all the rest is the combination of the quality of the mattress combined with the intense focus on customer experience. 

Idle Sleep by far has the longest trial period of all the online mattress brands – 18 months! Each mattress also has a lifetime warranty. Idle Sleep mattresses are flippable, whereas their competitor’s mattresses are not – meaning you get double the life of the mattress. Also, you get two free pillows with your mattress.

In all my mattress research, the clear winner was Idle every time. That’s exactly why I sent the Idle team a message asking if they had an affiliate program. Idle mattresses are the best deal and the best customer experience when it comes to such a high investment piece.

Idle Sleep’s different mattress options

Idle Sleep currently has four different mattress options: the Idle Gel Foam Mattress, the Idle Gel Plush Mattress, the Idle Hybrid Mattress, and the Idle Latex Hybrid Mattress. Each mattress is slightly different, whether it’s the firmness, height, support materials, sustainability, or price. Idle developed a handy mattress comparison tool, so you can easily assess which mattress is right for you.


Details of our mattress: the Idle Sleep Gel Plush

How my husband and I like to sleep.

I know this sounds weird, but when it comes to a mattress review, I feel like it’s crazy important that ya’ll know exactly how my husband and I like to sleep. Mattress selection can be very personal and a little tricky! 

My husband specifically runs very warm at night. Poor dude – he can actually be a bit of a night sweater if it gets too hot! So having a mattress made for warm sleepers was really important. We’ve also wrestled back and forth with what firmness is right for us, but we’re both side and back sleepers so finding a mattress with good edge support and that cradles our pressure points was a must.

LOL I’m still traumatized by my husband’s mattress he had when we first started dating. It had these awful spring coils that caused so much movement across the board with literally any motion. Not to mention it just wasn’t comfortable. We woke up with back aches half the time! 

No thank you.

Hybrid mattresses have always intrigued me, but the Idle Sleep Gel Plush ended up being our mattress of choice because it seemed perfect for us as humans who love a mattress with a focus on pressure relief and cooling technology.

Shipping & unpacking experience.

Our mattress shipped crazy fast – and all Idle Sleep mattresses actually ship free! The mattress arrives in a box. It’s recommended to unpack the mattress and actually let it sort of “air out” for a couple of hours prior to putting any bedding on it. After two hours, your Idle mattress is fully “inflated.” It expands gradually after unpacking.



Facts about the Gel Plush Mattress.

The Idle Sleep Gel Plush Mattress is a memory foam mattress with gel cooling technology layers – preventing the feared night sweats. The Gel Plush earns its name because its foam layers total 14 inches thick, leading to ultimate plushness. In terms of firmness levels, the Gel Plush is considered medium firm – perfect to softly cradle all the spots that need cradling while still providing much needed support.

The Gel Plush mattress is honestly a great middle ground if you and your partner don’t have the same sleeping position preference. Whether you’re stomach sleepers, back sleepers, or side sleepers, the medium firmness and focus on a comfortable, cooling sleep is enjoyable for everyone.

How the Gel Plush Mattress feels.

The Gel Plush Mattress feels, in two words, beautifully soft. I feel supported, yes, but I also feel really darn cozy. I want to hang out in my bed during the day or on a cozy weekend morning. I look forward to getting into our bed at night. And I absolutely love waking up in the mornings with zero aches and pains – because believe me, we’ve been there. 

Final thoughts & how to shop.

We love our Idle Sleep mattress. Period. Feel free to DM me over on Instagram if you’ve got any specific questions about it. I am more than happy to rant and rave about our experience.

In terms of shopping, there are actually Idle Sleep offers pretty frequently! You can easily order your mattress on the Idle website, and be sinking into your new dream bed in no time.

You can click here for 50% off any Idle Sleep foam mattress (plus get 2 free pillows)!

Got questions about the Idle Sleep Gel Plush Mattress? DM me on Instagram or drop ’em in the comments below!

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