Celine Bag Must Haves

It’s not uncommon for a Celine bag to be highly coveted in any designer handbag collection. The Celine brand has been around for decades – but the handbags specifically have become increasingly popular. Toted around on the arms of celebrities and influencers, Celine bags are often synonymous with good style.

Let’s dive into this Celine bag must have list – and everything you need to know about the brand and their bags.

Find the perfect Celine bag for you - and learn all the pros and cons of shopping this designer handbag brand.

Find the perfect Celine bag for you - and learn all the pros and cons of shopping this designer handbag brand.

The history of the Celine brand.

The Celine today was the CÉLINE of yesterday. This Parisian ready to wear brand has been part of the greater LVMH family since 1996, but was founded by Céline Vipiana in 1945. Céline was originally a a made-to-measure children’s shoe business, broadening their scope to women’s ready to wear and designer handbags in 1960.

Today, Celine is known for bold silhouettes that are reminiscent of classic shapes, but take on new modern life. From their drummed calfskin to their smooth calfskin to their grained calfskin, leather is the love language of Celine handbags.

Celine handbag sizing.

I’ll be the first to admit that when shopping Celine bags I’ve mucked up and ordered the wrong size. I once ordered one of the Luggage totes thinking it was the smallest size only to be, well, surprised. Lolz. I definitely thought this red bag in the photo below was a crossbody style!

celine bag

The sizes below are listed in order of smallest to largest.


Nano sizing is used only when referencing the Luggage style and silhouette. The Nano size measures in at 8″Wx8″Hx4″D.


The Micro size can be found in the Belt Bag and Luggage Bag collections. With the Belt Bag, the Micro size measures at 9″Wx8″Hx5″D. For the Micro size in the Luggage bag, the style measures at 11″Wx11″Hx6″D.


The Mini size can be found in the Belt Bag, Luggage Bag, and Trapeze Bag collections. With the Belt Bag, the Mini sizes in at 11″Wx9″Hx7″D. The Mini Luggage handbag is 12″W,12″H,7″D. The Trapeze bag is 8″Wx6″H.


The Small size can be found in the Trapeze collection. The small Trapeze Bag measures at 11″Wx9″Hx5″D.


The Phantom size is seen exclusively in the Luggage Bag range. A Phantom Luggage Bag measures at 12″Wx11″Hx10″D.

Is Celine worth the price?

Determining if an item is “worth” the price – especially when it comes to a designer bag – is always tricky. The reality is that there are plenty of handbags out there that are amazing quality for a mere fraction of the price of a Celine bag. This fact is undeniable. The primary driver of the cost of a Celine bag, or any designer bag for that matter, is the brand name.

That said – Celine is produced beautifully, artfully, and with the intent to create a bag that will last.

Originality of design.

Celine as a brand gets plenty of points for originality of design. I’ve found it pretty easy to find Louis Vuitton dupes – but it’s much harder to dupe a Celine bag. Celine has introduced revolutionary new silhouettes and shapes, like the Luggage bags, that it’s really hard to find anywhere else. I appreciate how distinct and unique Celine bag designs are. If you’re someone that knows a Celine bag, you’ll be able to spot them easily on the street – all without Celine needing to blast logos all over their bags (unlike a certain designer tote we all know and love).

Quality of materials.

Celine only uses the highest quality materials in their bags. Celine bags made from leather are top quality leather with minimal to no imperfections. Part of what makes a Celine such a classic bag is the fact that the materials used are carefully crafted, hand selected, and built to last.

Origin of production.

Most Celine bags are made in Italy. The Celine Luggage Nano Bag I own, for example, has the “made in Italy” tag tucked inside. Production in Italy is another amazing indicator of the quality of a Celine bag.

Find the perfect Celine bag for you - and learn all the pros and cons of shopping this designer handbag brand.

The Celine bag must have list.

Nano Luggage

The Celine Nano Luggage Bag is probably my most coveted handbag in my entire collection. The Nano Luggage is a crossbody style bag that can be carried by the top handles, worn as a shoulder bag with the long strap, or worn crossbody. The leather strap is detachable.

The reason the Nano has become a staple in my collection is because it’s the only more formal looking designer crossbody bag I own that actually still has function. While the Nano may look small, it actually has a ton of space inside. I often reach for this bag on date nights or when running errands because I can fit all my essentials, a small bkr water bottle, and even my Kindle.

I chose this Celine classic bag in black natural calfskin so that I’d have the ability to pair it back with the rest of the outfits in my capsule wardrobe. While I tend to reach for a tote bag on an everyday work basis, I’ve truly loved having the Nano Luggage in my rotation when I don’t need all the items I’d typically cram into a tote.

If you think you could use just a hair more space than the Nano size, you can size up to the Micro Luggage or the Mini Luggage. The Celine Micro Luggage handbag adds an extra inch in both width and depth.

The leather on the style I own is very smooth and sleek. If you’re into a more textured textile, I’d recommend checking out the baby drummed calfskin styles.

Box Bag

The Box Bag is one of the bags Celine is most known for. This classic shape is truly timeless. While the Luggage collection may seem a bit trendier with its angular shape and unique piping, the Box Bag is about as classic as they come. Named after its shape – a box – this bag features smooth calfskin and a shiny metallic clasp closure. This bag is designed to be worn as a shoulder bag or crossbody.

The Box Bag, to me, reads slightly more formal than the Nano Luggage. Both these bags are similar in size and function, but the smooth leather and silhouette of the Box Bag makes it a more elevated, timeless style overall. The Box Bag has been increasing steadily in price, currently ringing in at almost $4,000 USD at the time of writing this post. A Celine bag price typically lands in this range, so I recommend checking pre-loved options where you can.

Medium Cabas Bag

The Medium Cabas Bag is a stunning classic, chic tote bag. I love tote bags, especially as someone who typically has to commute into an office for work. Totes are hands down one of the most functional handbag silhouettes out there (second maybe only to a backpack). The Cabas achieves something few tote bags do: a mix of fashion and function. The Medium Cabas, like other handbags Celine designs, looks high fashion. The leather looks supple, but high quality. The design of the Cabas is minimalist, with small details doing all the heavy lifting (such as the beautiful drawstring closure or the slightly angular wing shape to the sides of the bag.

If you’re on the hunt for a beautiful leather tote at a fraction of the Celine price, I recommend checking out Cuyana totes. If you prefer a canvas tote to leather, this Dior Book Tote dupe is an amazing option.

Small Belt Bag

The Belt Bag collection comes in a handful of sizes from Pico up to Mini (which would be equivalent to small). The Belt Bag collection as a whole is both a classic and streamlined style. This shape and silhouette offer slightly more privacy than the Cabas (thanks to its flap closure), but still maintain the same function of a tote bag shape. It’s incredibly important to note that only the smallest sizes of the Belt Bag have a removable crossbody and shoulder strap option. The larger sizes of the Belt Bag feature a top handle only. The top handle makes this bag feel very elevated and more formal, but may lack some hands-free function.

Medium Trapeze Bag

The Trapeze Bag has recently been discontinued. This bag was one of the much loved handbags by Celine during the Phoebe Philo design era. If you’re a fan of this one, you’ll have to snag it on the second hand market.

Just because you have to shop pre-loved on this one, doesn’t mean it’s one to skip over. I prefer to shop all my designer bags pre-loved anyway, but the Trapeze Bag is such a statement that even those who prefer to shop new may want to indulge. The Trapeze Bag shape isn’t quite classic, but it’s definitely iconic. The dramatic flare to the bag made for a show stopping statement at work or anywhere.

Find the perfect Celine bag for you - and learn all the pros and cons of shopping this designer handbag brand.

Where to shop for a Celine bag.

Always shop pre-loved.

I’m a huge fan of shopping designer handbags pre-loved because it’s better for both the environment and your wallet. I know it’s tempting to go on a Celine bag Nordstrom shopping spree – but you can save a ton of money by purchasing Celine purses pre-loved on sites like Fashionphile. This is not sponsored. Fashionphile is always my number one choice for shopping pre-loved because I’ve always found the best deals on this site, the bags are always authenticated, and the quality is always exactly as described (if not better).

What’s on your Celine bag must have list? Share in the comments below!

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