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Your Ravenclaw Aesthetic Guide

I don’t exactly hide my Harry Potter fandom, but I do like to keep it a bit more elevated. I’m a proud Ravenclaw and I like to think it’s possible to achieve Ravenclaw aesthetic without it having to feel cheesy or like theme park cosplay. No shade to cosplayers –…

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The Vera Bradley Harry Potter Herbology Collection

The Vera Bradley Harry Potter bags collection officially has a round two with their newest launch. I wrote an entire blog post and a YouTube video on the first drop of the Vera Bradley Harry Potter collection – I was obsessed. I purchased darn near the entire line with my…

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Vera Bradley Harry Potter Collection Review

On collection launch day, I was scouring the internet for a Vera Bradley Harry Potter review and couldn’t find any from non-sponsored bloggers. So here I am, writing my own for ya’ll in case you too are on the hunt for insider knowledge. I think it really goes back to…

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