How to Blog When You Have a Full Time Job

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Blogging is definitely my passion project - but it's not my full time endeavor. We talked a little bit about my work life when I switched careers, but just by flipping through my Instagram or scrolling through my blog, it isn't always obvious that I work full time.

But trust me - I definitely do. And working a 40+ hour a week job while blogging is hard. Heck, just doing one or the other is hard!

Whether you're wanting to start up a side hustle but not sure how to make the time OR you already have a side hustle and you're exhausted - I've got five foolproof tips for you!

EmergenC Energy+

★ Invest in an agenda

You thought you had ditched the need for an agenda once you graduated college, but think again! Running meetings and running a side hustle means schedule management is important now more than ever.

I'm downright obsessed with my agenda. I schedule everything from blog campaigns to cleaning Popcorn's litter box. Why? Because when you're basically working two jobs it's actually impossible to remember everything you have to do.

★ Prioritize

Scheduling out your life isn't enough. It's allll about prioritization, my friends. There might be five thousand things on the to-do list, but it's important to break down what tasks need to be done when.

What meetings are coming up at work? When is the rough draft of that post due?

At the start of every week, I always take a quick scan over my agenda and start prioritizing my weekly tasks. Understanding what items are not optional and what can wait until next week helps me ensure I don't miss any deadlines because I was stuck finishing a more menial task.

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★ Take care of yourself

You guys. Pause for the cause and get ready to take this all in - because this tip is by far the most important of all.

It is impossible to work a full time job and run a blog if you do not support your own body.

It's crazy important to eat well and get plenty of rest, but sometimes a night's sleep doesn't quite give me that energy I need. My full time job + blog secret weapon is actually (drumroll please)...

The New Emergen-C® Energy+. This stuff is figurative powdered gold.

My body doesn't do well with crazy inflated amounts of caffeine. EMC Energy+ dietary supplement contains natural caffeine from green tea.* It's a powder-packed formula, and that natural caffeine from green tea helps to focus your mind;* plus it has calcium, magnesium, potassium and other key nutrients to help replenish your body.* You guys know I've also been on this whole vitamin hype lately, so I'm also loving that this has seven B vitamins to fortify you plus vitamin C for immune support!*

Also did I mention is has a delicious slightly fizzy berry flavor?  Into it. There are other flavors available as well, but I'm all about this berry flavor.

Living my double life as a social media manager and a blogger I'm always on the go. I just pack my Emergen-C® Energy+ packets into my backpack and hit the road (AKA public transit, lolz).

I like to grab Emergen-C® Energy+ from Walgreens because they're all over the city and it's super convenient.

EmergenC Energy+
EmergenC Energy+

★ Know your limits

At the end of the day, you cannot do everything yourself. I spent so many years trying to juggle every aspect of both my work and my blog myself. Finally I had to know my limits and ask for help where I could.

Rather than scrambling to take photos for posts at the last minute, I work with my awesome photographer so that I have content planned out ahead of time. I also started to invest in social media management programs so that I don't have to work so hard all week just to promote my posts.

Understanding your limits is critical to successfully juggling a full time job and a side hustle. Know what you can do - and don't beat yourself up over the stuff you can't!

★ Make time for you

In all the craziness of managing extensive hours, it's super easy to forget about yourself. When scheduling and prioritizing your time - don't forget to make time just for you.

When I'm planning my week out in my agenda I make sure to block out at least an hour a day just for some "me" time. I'll remind myself to watch my favorite TV shows or to do my nails. Sometimes I literally schedule myself time to do absolutely nothing.

We work hard - we deserve a little time for ourselves. Wink wink.

How do you juggle your busy schedule while keeping your energy up? Tell me in the comments below!

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2 responses to “How to Blog When You Have a Full Time Job”

  1. Gold Clutter says:

    I’ve been working on balancing blogging with school. It’s difficult to get everything done in a day. I love blogging, so I make it work.

  2. I feel your pain. Something has to give, and too often it’s US! #client