Why E-Courses are Awesome (And 5 to Try Now)

I have been reminiscing on my college days lately – and no I don’t mean fraternity parties and games of flip cup. I have actually been missing taking classes. I was totally that kid that loved learning new things. It may not have been cool to enjoy learning back in high school (and maybe even college), but as an adult it sort of makes you a rockstar to continue your education. It’s a competitive landscape out there and many twenty-somethings are now persuing extended education whether that’s grad school or online courses – it’s almost neccessary to stay competitive on the job market. Putting all that seriousness aside, I’ve recently been opened up to the world of e-courses and my life is forever changed. I’ve been on the hunt for the best e-courses for bloggers (my personal favorite e-course topic!). You mean to tell me there’s a whole big internet world full of courses I can take that are all about topics I am passionate about?! Sold.

Choose your instructor wisely.

First and foremost every good e-course is led by a qualified and passionate instructor. Make sure to take a glance over the instructor’s bio (usually found at the bottom of e-course plaforms like Teachable) and check out their credentials.

Two of my favorite sites for e-courses (blogging e-courses of course) are The Nectar Collective and Helene in Between. Both of these sites have the best e-courses for bloggers that I’ve been able to find to date. TNC’s Melyssa is a kind and encouraging presentor in her courses and she shares her personal kowledge and experience with growing her blog from nothing to being one of the major forces in entrepreneurial resources and coaching. Helene from Helene in Between is an energetic marketing wiz who actually has experience in the field as her career (she used that knowledge to grow her blog and allow her to quit her job to blog full time).

These two instructors have incredibly different backgrounds, but create e-courses touching on many of the same topics – and they’re both incredibly qualified! Find instructors who knno their stuff and aren’t going to hold any information back – their mission should be to share all their knowledge because they genuinely want their stuudents to succeed.

Consider your e-course an investment.

Some e-courses are affordable, but some price tags will make you think twice. I’ve definitely had sticker shock more than once when checking out all the e-courses I wish I could take. Start small with mini courses or affordable webinars (TNC has a $7 I’ve listed for bloggers below!) and work your way up to the higher ticket classes. All in all know that each course is an investment not just in your passion, whether that’s your business or your blog, but it’s also an investment in you and your growth. So far I’ve had zero regrets with the courses I’ve taken – and I’ve also seen real results that made them totally worth the money!

Get fired up about learning!

Okay I am totally geeking out here, but seriously. Pick your e-course and get fired up about learning! This is your moment to absorb and apply someone elses’s knowledge and experience to your own passion and business – and you’ll likely see results in the form of business growt, followers, and even income! Now just try and tell me that isn’t something to get fiired up about.

Have I convinced you e-courses are awesome yet? Check out some amazing e-courses you can take below!

best e-courses for bloggers


Coursera is a hub for hundreds (if not thousands) of e-courses. They partner with universities to take you right into the classroom and allow you to take e-courses on a variety of topics – whether you’re a blogger, business owner, or just love to learn, there are tons of options on Coursera.

Creating Share-Worthy Content – The Nectar Collective

Probably one of the most affordable e-courses I’ve taken (under $10) and totally worth skipping my Starbucks run for a couple days to pay for it. Melyssa takes you through the basics of creating share-worthy content (for bloggers and businesses!) and her experience with viral posts.

Quit Your Job to Blog – Helene In Between

I just started this course and am a huge fan of Helene’s courses in general. Helene has a background in marketing and social media, arming her with plenty of knowledge to share. This course walks you through how to grow your blog, engage and build a community, and start to monetize. While I don’t think I’ll be able to quit my day job any time soon, Helene sets a baseline for building up a blog and provides you the tools that can help to get you there.

Community Building Bootcamp – byRegina

This one is for business owners and bloggers alike. Building a brand requires building a community – your “tribe” so to speak. byRegina’s Community Building Bootcamp teaches you how to build and engage with your community so that you’re ready to make sales.

A Guide to Earning Your First $500 a MonthUpcoming E-course by Morgan Timm

This course haven’t even launched yet but it’s going to be a must take. Morgan Timm is a young twenty-something blogger who’s lightweight killing the blogging game. She blogs over on her lifestyle site, Mostly Morgan, and just launched her blogging, branding, and coaching site Morgan Timm – both are on my bookmarks and considering how good her free content is, her first e-course is no doubt going to be amazing. Stay tuned!

What types of e-courses are you interested in taking? What e-courses have been your favorite?

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