Best Beauty Products of 2016!

If you’ve been hanging out around here for a while you already know I used to work at both MAC and Bare Escentuals.

AKA I own way too much makeup.

Makeup and beauty products are totally my vice. I buy often and have quite a collection at this point. Beauty products are my favorite thing to shop for!

Except for foundation. That’s basically like buying car tires.

But eyeshadow palettes and other fun bits and bobs give me the warm and fuzzies! I had such an awesome year trying out new products and wanted to round up the best beauty products of 2016 for you!

best beauty 2016

Best foundation – Alright we’ll kick this one off with a little bit of cheating. This product isn’t technically a foundation, it’s a tinted moisturizer. And it rocks. The Honest Beauty Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer is what I like to use as my every day foundation. The coverage is great (slightly thicker than your average tinted moisturizer) but it’s lightweight enough that I don’t break out!

Best bronzer – I swear this one is on everyone’s favorite list (for a reason)! The Benefit Hoola Bronzer is hands down the best matte bronzer on the market. It’s not dirty or dusty, it’s perfectly smooth, and works for almost every skin tone. It also lasts forever so it makes the $29 price tag less painful.

Best eyebrow pencil – In the middle of Jessica Alba’s Q&A at Create + Cultivate someone shouted out “YOUR EYEBROW PENCIL IS THE BEST!” And I immediately went online and ordered it because those bloggers at C+C don’t mess around. They were right! I’ve had this pencil for months and it’s still going strong. It’s the perfect shade, the perfect amount of wax, and stays put all day without any extra products. No clear brow gel needed. Oh also my dirty secret is I’m missing half an eyebrow. No idea why, but it’s gone. My eyebrow pencil is a must for me.

Best eyeshadow palette – I’ve already raved about this palette here and here, but I’m back at it again. The Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette is easily the best eyeshadow palette of the year (the original one comes in as a close second). This palette is adorable, smells great, and the pigmentation is amazing.

Best eyeliner – The MAC Fluidline gel eyeliner is a bit of a high maintenance product but it’s so worth it. Pencils might be quicker, but this stuff will give you a winged eyeliner so sharp you won’t regret the extra five minutes in the morning.

Best lip balm – I have perpetually chapped lips. In all honesty I have the nastiest habit ever where I pick at them. Gross, I know. It’s one of my resolutions every year to quit, but until then I always pack the Smith’s Rosebud Salve (the mint version!) in my bag. I love the scent and it’s super hydrating.

Best lipstick – I picked up Charlotte Tilbury’s “Bitch Perfect” (so sassy!) at the end of the year and wore it for weeks straight. This shade is literally the perfect nude.

Best perfume – KB’s parents gifted me my Coco Mademoiselle for Christmas last year and I’ve been hoarding it ever since! Little spritzes, ladies, little spritzes. It’s such a chic fragrance I feel like an actual lady when I wear it. Also it’s the only Chanel thing I can afford. Lolz.

Best moisturizer – I credit the Origins Ginzing Moisturizer for my clear skin in 2016. No joke. I had the worst skin ever. I grew up with crazy acne that bled over into my early twenties. This moisturizer gives me an amazing glow and keeps my dry skin hydrated (and zit free).

Best face wash – Right before I put on my Origins moisturizer I like to wash with their Checks and Balances Face Wash! It’s amazing how well your skincare can work when you actually clean your skin properly.

Best face mask – I was also gifted this face mask during my trip to Create + Cultivate. Honestly it was hands down the best thing we were given. First Aid Beauty’s Bouncy Face Mask makes my face feel…bouncy! Nailed it.

What were your best beauty products of 2016?



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5 responses to “Best Beauty Products of 2016!”

  1. Too Faced’s Better Than Sex is my favorite high-end mascara, for sure. BUT Maybelline’s Lash Sensational is the best mascara ever. It lengthens, gives volumes, and curves perfectly! Even better that BTS in my opinion, haha!

    • Blondes & Bagels says:

      OMG really?! No flakiness or anything? I used to be die hard about Maybelline mascaras but the one I tried kept leaving flakes all over my cheeks! But honestly so does Dior for that matter. I’ll have to pick up a tube and try!

      xoxo Kelsey

  2. The eye shadow palate looks fabulous!

  3. theJasmineGrace says:

    I’ve always heard so much rave about the Hoola bronzer but because of the price I’ve never thought about purchasing it. I’m so glad to known it’s worth the investment and it will last a long time!
    Jasmine Grace