Beauty Products I’m Dying to Try

My usual posting schedule is Tuesdays & Thursdays - but I had a hankering to throw a little something *extra* at ya'll today.

Basically I went down the rabbit hole that is LOLZ.

There were SO many things I added to my wishlist as items I'm dying to try! Just wanted to share with you guys the cool stuff I'm seeing out there. These items aren't necessarily "new," but they're new to yours truly.

You can CLICK on the items in the pic below to shop!


I've had my eye on this hydrating mask for ages, but at almost $50 I just haven't worked up the courage to purchase. Same story with this mask which is even more expensive. Lol I seriously have champagne taste on a boxed wine budget. Both of these have been on my radar primarily because they are advertised as being good for my skin type: dry AF.


Honestly there have been so few beauty launches that tickle my fancy lately. I'm gonna need brands to step it up a notch. But that being said, I really have been lusting after this highlighter (Hailey Bieber wore it to the MET Gala and I've been wanting to try it ever since). I'm also loving this blush duo. Seems efficient, especially for travel.


I found a few other random items I've since added to my wishlist. I rarely use any hair products because my hair is so fine, but I've been doing a lot of slicked back ponytails and low buns lately and want to give this hair oil a whirl to get a more slicked back look. I also want to give this face oil a whirl because it promises a glow - which I can dig. I'm also gonna need this body wash for a little summer scent in the shower and this lip balm/gloss situation because I love basically every item I have from this brand as it is.

What beauty items are on your radar? Tell me in the comments below!