Life Hack: Cut Pasta Cravings With This Skinny Chickpea Pasta Recipe

Okay I'm definitely writing to you cozied up in my robe with our heater on blast. KB is out of the house for the evening which means I get to crank up the heat without his complaints. Lolz. I'm RECKLESS.

During these colder months my carb cravings run rampant. I mean I'm always down for a good carb - but November and December make me crave heavy pasta dishes like no other. And here's where my latest life hack comes in...

Ditching regular pasta for chickpea pasta to cut down on those carb cravings.

I spent almost half of my college career experimenting with different elimination diets (that IBS lifestyle is so glamorous), so I'm no stranger to wheat pasta alternatives. I've tried rice based pastas, I've tried veggies pastas, I've tried them all. Most of the time the texture is off and the taste is....just plain weird. 

Chickpea pasta - specifically my fave brand Banza - actually tastes like real wheat pasta.

Let's break down some of the benefits of chickpea pasta (and my fave "recipe") below!

banza recipe
banza recipe

The benefits of chickpea pasta

★ Packed with protein

Fun fact: Banza has twice the protein of standard wheat pasta. I actually really struggle to eat enough protein in a day so having this extra dose in my pasta is a blessing. Bless up.

★ Filled with fiber

Fiber for the win! Banza has four times the fiber of standard wheat pasta. Pretty sure I'd rather be chowing down on some pasta than broccoli so I'm very into this situation.

★ Cut the carbs

Regular wheat pasta has a ton of empty carbs. Banza actually has half the net carbs of your average run of the mill wheat pasta. 

For something that tastes a hell of a lot like regular pasta - the benefits of chickpea pasta seriously rocks.

My favorite chickpea pasta "recipe"

Okay calling this a "recipe" might be a bit of a stretch - considering most of it comes out of some sort of package. But this chickpea pasta dish is damn delicious, super easy - and actually healthy.

★ Cook your favorite box of Banza

Banza makes everything from elbows to rotini, so pick your favorite pasta and get to cooking.

★ Grab your favorite jar of red sauce

I'm usually not a big red sauce fan, but there's something so hearty about a bowl of red sauce pasta in the winter. I usually opt for sauces with basil or garlic. Mmmmm delicious.

★ Top with fresh basil

I tried to order a bushel of basil from Instacart but they showed up with this entire plant instead. I've been rolling with it and tossing fresh basil leaves onto my salad. SO FREAKING TASTY.

banza recipe

Have you ever tried chickpea pasta? Tell me your fave sauces and toppings in the comments below!


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