Are Barefoot Dreams Blankets Worth It?

With every Instagrammer and celebrity raving about their Barefoot Dreams blankets – and with one swift look at that high price point – it’s easy to wonder if Barefoot Dreams blankets are actually worth it.

I mean…some of these blankets ring in at almost $200. That’s a LOT for a blanket. Especially considering it’s 100% polyester.

So let’s break this down. Why exactly is everyone from Khloe Kardashian to, well, ME, obsessed with their Barefoot Dreams blankets?

Because let’s be clear. I am obsessed.

Let’s dive into this little Barefoot Dreams blanket review.

Barefoot Dreams blankets are expensive! So - are they actually worth it? Kelsey of Blondes & Bagels reviews Barefoot Dreams blankets.
Barefoot Dreams blankets are expensive! So - are they actually worth it? Kelsey of Blondes & Bagels reviews Barefoot Dreams blankets.
Barefoot Dreams blankets are expensive! So - are they actually worth it? Kelsey of Blondes & Bagels reviews Barefoot Dreams blankets.

Everything you need to know about Barefoot Dreams blankets.

About the brand

Barefoot Dreams began as a collection back in 1994 by a loving wife and mother who ultimately lost her battle with cancer in 2012. Her husband, Stan, continued her legacy by building Barefoot Dreams into the brand it is today.

Barefoot Dreams, with its Malibu roots, is the ultimate encapsulation of cozy, breezy, chic. Barefoot Dreams products can be found in luxury hotels and resorts, along with upscale boutiques. Personally – I dig their licensed items. They have Disney blankets, ya’ll!

Make & materials

Barefoot Dreams blankets come in a ton of different styles and colors, but most are made of a 100% polyester microfiber. The Barefoot Dreams CozyChic blankets are the specific blankets that every human (including myself) seem to be obsessed with more than others.

There are a few styles made of rayon or nylon blends, but it’s really the Cozychic microfiber blankets that have rocked the home decor world like no other.

Hand-feel & comfort

I actually got my Bachelor of Science in Apparel Merchandising & Design. I spent loads of hours in textile classes and labs, so admittedly I was perplexed at the price points of the Barefoot Dreams blankets given they’re made of a synthetic material that doesn’t seem to be that “luxury.” I mean, it’s a little challenging at times to understand why a polyester blanket is so darn expensive (vs say a high end linen, silk, etc).

The only logical explanation I can find here? These blankets just feel THAT good. There’s something about the Barefoot Dreams throw, particularly CozyChic, that just feels SO GOOD to the touch. Barefoot Dreams throws are plush, almost with a spongey like feel to them. Straight from the store they’re insanely soft. I own a lot of blankets…would it be aggressive to say these might be the softest blanket in the world?

I don’t know, guys. They’re just THAT soft. And that’s why everyone is obsessed.

How to care for Barefoot Dreams blankets

Something to note – it’s unrealistic to think your Barefoot blanket will stay as soft as it is when you first bring it home. You can absolutely wash your Barefoot Dreams blankets , and you probably should, but they will lose some of their softness. I’d recommend washing your blanket with cold water and tumble dry on a low setting.

Even despite losing some of their coziness after a wash – these throws are still really luxurious to the touch.

Barefoot Dreams blankets are expensive! So - are they actually worth it? Kelsey of Blondes & Bagels reviews Barefoot Dreams blankets.
Barefoot Dreams blankets are expensive! So - are they actually worth it? Kelsey of Blondes & Bagels reviews Barefoot Dreams blankets.

Price point and where to shop

Like we’ve discussed – Barefoot Dreams ain’t exactly cheap. But never fear…I’ve got some shopping tips and tricks up my sleeves for ya.

The CozyChic blankets – like the ever popular Barefoot Dreams leopard blanket (“In the Wild”) – typically ring in at a whopping $180 each. Ouch!

But it isn’t too hard to find Barefoot Dreams blankets on sale!

I was able to snag my Barefoot Dreams In the Wild Throw on sale during the annual Nordstrom sale at a pretty solid discount. I even got free shipping! Waiting out for these sales could really be worth it, given how expensive these blankets can be at full price.

My most secretive of secrets? I’m a Barefoot Dreams blanket Nordstrom Rack FIEND. Nordstrom Rack honestly gets Barefoot Dreams throws pretty frequently! You just have to keep your eyes peeled, because they sell out really quickly! You’re unlikely to find any patterned styles at Nordstrom Rack, but I’ve been able to get a couple plain color or striped styles from the retailer at a mere fraction of the full price (we’re talking like, $60ish).

The reason the styles at Nordstrom Rack are less expensive is because they’re smaller than the large throws like the In the Wild styles (Nordstrom Rack styles are 45″x60″ vs In the Wild at 54″x72″. The smaller size never bothered me and they’re made with the exact same material as their larger counterparts. The Nordstrom Rack Barefoot Dreams styles actually make amazing gifts because you can give a little bit of luxury to the women (or men!) in your life, but at a more reasonable price point.

So, yes, these blankets are pricey. But a Barefoot Dreams blanket sale isn’t too hard to find. Keep an eye on the Nordstrom Rack new arrivals section every so often and I promise some throws will become available sooner than later. Or bookmark this blog post and check the links included regularly – I’ll update this post when blankets become available at a discount!

The big question – are Barefoot Dreams blankets worth it?

“Worth” is always such a challenging thing to determine because the reality is no one needs a $180 blanket. I mean, no one even really needs a $60 blanket! But do I absolutely love the Barefoot Dreams blankets I own (I own three!) – YES. We have several other blankets throughout the house, but I always find myself reaching for the Barefoot Dreams styles over all others. I own two of the Nordstrom Rack styles and one of the pricer In the Wild styles – all are beautifully soft and I love them to bits.

So to me, personally? I’m ready to ask the husband to gift me another for the holidays. Or my birthday. Or just because it’s a Tuesday and he loves me. It’s really up to him.

Reasons NOT to buy a Barefoot Dreams blanket dupe

I’m pretty anti-dupe, whether it’s for a blanket, sweater, shoe, handbag, etc. Dupes aren’t “hacks” to getting a higher end cheaply – because a cheaper price for you comes at a steeper cost for other humans and the environment. “Dupes” in home, fashion, and beauty are often cheaper because costs have been cut on the back end from labor (such as underpaying your work force), materials (lesser quality), and manufacturing location and processes (potentially more harmful to the environment). Dupes of higher end brands and products are NOT worth the cost to other human beings and our planet.

So I know it’s tempting to do a quick Google search for a Barefoot Dreams blanket dupe Amazon – and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of options. I’m begging you to please resist. You won’t get the quality of blanket in a dupe that you would from Barefoot Dreams itself. You’ll be disappointed and create more waste because you’ll end up tossing the dupe into the trash and buying the actual blanket itself down the line.

Which blanket should you buy?

You really can’t go wrong choosing from any of the Barefoot Dreams blankets. I do love the animal print of the In the Wild throw the most, but I also dig my more simple styles. I’ll drop some links to styles I love in this blog post for ya!

Barefoot Dreams blankets are expensive! So - are they actually worth it? Kelsey of Blondes & Bagels reviews Barefoot Dreams blankets.

What else does Barefoot Dreams make?

Barefoot Dreams doesn’t only make blankets. In fact, they actually make amazing cardi and pullover sweaters that I live for. I own two cardigans from Barefoot Dreams made of the exact same material as my blankets. They’re SO soft and great to wear around the house to keep cozy.

Like, basically I can cook dinner while wrapped in Barefoot Dreams fabric. It’s pretty ideal.

There is also a Barefoot Dreams baby blanket style and even some items for pets! Seriously, so precious.

Currently on my holiday wishlist are this specific pair of slippers (to match my giant leopard print throw obvi) along with maybe some Barefoot Dreams sweatpants. I’m basically wanting to be wrapped head to toe in nothing but CozyChic. Can you blame me, lolz. It’s all just so soft.

Let’s chat in the comments below! Do you own any Barefoot Dreams and do you think their styles are worth it? Are you in agreement these blankets MIGHT just be the softest throw blanket in the world? Do you think Barefoot Dreams blankets are worth it? Tell me everything.

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