Wrap It Up

I swear I am not this much of a dress person in real life. I feel like my last bajillion posts have been in dresses and that’s usually so not me.

Except with its a LBD or a wrap dress.

Wrap dresses rock because 1) they’re usually made out of a stretchy material and I’m all about stretch and 2) they’re super flattering. I love the way this grey one wraps at the waist versus the entire dress wrapping. I love a good tee shirt top.

ambiance sf

ambiance sf

ambiance sf

ambiance sf

This photoshoot from NYFW was actually a total whirlwind. I was originally scheduled to shoot on Friday morning but my flight was cancelled. I ended up doing two photoshoots in one day. This was my second one so I was dead tired.

I also had zero patience and just wanted it to be over because I was so sick of changing outfits. I changed on the street. In the cold.

I have no shame.

I’ve been noodling doing a full behind the scenes look with tips on how bloggers do photoshoots. I get a ton of questions about my shoots and think it could be hilarious to take you guys behind the scenes. It’s not glamorous. Lolz.

Anyway this little number is from my friends over at Ambiance. And I’m super excited to announce I’m hosting my very first meet up ever at Ambiance on Irving St in San Francisco! Pop by on March 10th at 8 pm to hang out with me! Let’s eat and shop because those are two of my fave hobbies.

ambiance sf

ambiance sf

ambiance sf

You can RSVP to my meet up at Ambiance here! I hope to see you there!

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3 responses to “Wrap It Up”

  1. Milan says:

    So cute, love this dress! Wrap dresses are the best… I always know I can order those online and be safe because I agree they’re always flattering lol

    Loved this post 🙂

    xo, Milan

  2. Charlotte says:

    I know this post is about the dress but I’m obsessed with those boots 🙂 Such a great look!