All The Nordstrom Sale 2019 Deets You Need

It's alllllmost that time of year, ya'll. THE NORDSTROM SALE.

Lolz - trust me, I'm cringing as I'm typing it. Because every single blogger is obsessed with this sale. But I figured I'd just be honest with you guys.

The sale is good. The prices are good. And the reason bloggers yap about it is because the sales are so good, they make a small commission every time a follower buys an item from Nordstrom using one of their links. The incentive to link link link away is high. And I totally get it. I use affiliate links, too, so the incentive is there.

But here's the deal - I'm not a huge sale pusher in general and I really only want to share items with you guys that I love. I do plan to shop the sale (during Early Access!) this year, so wanted to give you guys allll the deets for how I'm approaching this majorly hyped up sale.


A little note first...

I've been browsing through this year's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog and marking off all the items I've got my little eyeballs on.

But here's the deal - ya'll know I'm not into trends. If I personally am going to shop this sale that every blogger and their grandma won't shut up about (and if I'm going to encourage you to do the same), I want to be really conscious to pick pieces that will last. "Trendy" clothes mean you'll wear them for a month or two, maybe a year. You'll get tired of that item. You'll throw it out. It'll end up in the landfill.

And that vicious cycle produces loads of waste.

So before we kick off into the stuff I'm eyeing, please, whatever you choose to buy, pause and consider how long you think you'll be able to wear that item for. And I promise to do the exact same!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 Details

Key dates

Early Access: 7/12-7/18

During Early Access, Nordstrom cardholders get to shop the Anniversary Sale a full week before it opens to the public! It's really easy to apply. You can sign up for a Nordstrom Credit Card here.

I'm pretty anti credit card if I'm honest with ya'll - I think store credit cards often encourage racking up debt. BUT - as long as you're smart (pay off immediately), in this case, the card is worth the savings. A lot of items sell out during Early Access.

Public Sale 7/19-8/4

For non-card holders, the Anniversary Sale opens to the public on Friday, July 19 and wraps on Sunday, August 4. Nordstrom does sometimes restock items that sold out during Early Access, so check back!

My catalog picks


The catalog doesn't give the biggest peek into all the deals, but I'm able to see a handful of things I think are actually a steal. I'm digging the Charlotte Tilbury set I see (looks like a lipstick, liner, and gloss for $60). The fact that there will be a La Mer deal is also somewhat of a miracle because LOL that stuff is so expensive - looks like they'll have a few sets available.

But honestly, the one set on here I actually legitimately want is the Drybar set. I have been dying to try that fancy straightening hot tool of theirs - and in this set it also comes with a ton of products! It's just under $200 (still expensive for my taste) so I need to think about it...but I want it lol.




I wanted to include denim in general here because it's the perfect staple to buy during a sale. Denim never goes out of style. You're not going to waste your money buying a good pair of jeans. And if the jeans wear out, you can cut them into shorts! Denim is a staple, it's functional, and you can repurpose it even towards the end of its life.

I'm usually a skinny only kind of a gal, but I'm dying to find a boyfriend fit pair that doesn't make me look like a trucker lol.


Last year favorites

I was also able to dig up links to a few items that were top sellers for Nordstrom last year. These were not top sellers for me - just items that the general public went bananas for. You know me, though. I love a good basic tee, tank, or sweater.

Ya feel?

What Nordstrom Sale items do you have your eyes on? Tell me in the comments below!

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