A Walk Through Boboli Gardens

Tucked away behind the Pitti Palace in Florence, Italy, are the beautiful Boboli Gardens. Pitti Palace is an attraction within itself (boasting hundreds of rooms and an amazing costume gallery), but the gardens are a beautiful escape from the maze of the palace and the cobblestone streets of Florence. KB and I used our Firenze Card to take a trip to Pitti Palace and we spent a solid two hours wandering the halls. We were exhausted by the time we were finished (and we didn’t even tackle the silverware exhibition)! We decided to stroll through the Boboli Gardens in hopes of finding a cozy spot in the sunshine to sit and relax.


The gardens begin with a big span of open lawn and an Egyptian obelisk. Don’t pause here though because Boboli Gardens doesn’t allow lounging on this perfectly manicured lawn.


We took our stroll through the gardens in mid September, blessing us with gorgeous views of the leaves turning colors for Fall. I’ll never forget the vibrant green color of the leaves on the trees. You can’t fake color like that. Nature, baby!



The Fountain of Neptune sits at the center of the main part of Boboli Gardens, a beautiful sculpture floating in a pond. Don’t let online descriptions fool you into thinking this is a large lake – it’s a pond. But beautiful none the less!


I loved watching the swirling patterns of the fish in the pond as they swam along the edges, no doubt hoping I’ll toss in a piece of bread into the water.


Where is your favorite park to take a stroll?

xoxo Blonde