5 Reasons to Learn Another Language

1. You’ll meet new people

Learning a new language is one of the fastest ways to meet new people! Not only will you meet a ton of like-minded individuals in group classes and meet ups, but once you’re abroad you’l be able to converse with locals! Whether it’s texting your new friends from class to grab a coffee before hand or chatting with a bartender over drinks abroad, your network can only expand!

2. You develop confidence

Learning something new is hard and can often be embarrassing – I can’t even count the number of times I said words incorrectly in front of a large group class! You’ll develop a level of comfort and confidence not only with your classmates, but also with yourself. Learning a new language is hard, but damn you feel so confident once you start seeing even an ounce of progress. You go, champ!

3. You increase your brain power!

Language learning flexes those brain muscles! Understanding conjunctions and cases is like a puzzle (“oh crap, what case do I use?!”). There have actually been studies that show individuals who are bilingual are not only more likely to have a better ability to concentrate, but also tend to have better memory!

4. You add an asset to your résumé

The job market is competitive, but you’ll stand out above the rest by adding a valuable asset to your résumé! Just make sure to be honest about your level of fluency (wink wink).

5. Because it’s FUN

Between the brand new circle of friends and all the experiences that come with it, learning a new language is just plain fun. Challenge yourself, expand your horizons, laugh a lot, and keep confident!

xoxo Blonde

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