5 Reasons a bkr Water Bottle Will Change Your Life

Look. I’ll cut to the chase. I love my bkr water bottle.

Love it.

I first saw the silicone sleeved, colorful glass bottles on the shelves when I was still in college and a bkr was a true investment. Flash forward several years (…I won’t admit how many) and I’ve visited bkr headquarters, become part of the bkr squad, and expanded my personal bkr collection to levels that are truthfully dangerous to my relationship.

My husband tries to cramp my bkr style but he can’t keep me down.

Over on Instagram I often get asked one big question when it comes to all things bkr: is the bkr water bottle worth it?

I’m not into making you read a bunch of reviews to get to the answer you want, so straight up: yes. It’s here in print at the top for you – I love my bkr. I mean bkrs. Plural. Lolz.

But let me tell you why my bkr water bottle is such a game changer and how exactly it will change the game for you!

Trying to decide if a bkr water bottle is worth the price? The answer is YES. Here's 5 reasons why you need a bkr water bottle in your life.

5 reasons a bkr water bottle will change your life

1. Your water will taste better

Ever take a sip from a metal water bottle and just, literally gag?

I have. It’s disgusting. It’s not the journey for me.

Your bkr water bottle is made of glass, which has the benefit of no taste. Glass isn’t highly porous, resulting in a cleaner flavor. None of that coins dropped in your water bottle nonsense.

I’m actually having flashbacks to episode 15 season 6 of the Office where everyone is gifted a company water bottle, made of metal no less. Michael “raises a bottle” filled with orange juice…and everyone promptly gags at the metallic taste.

Michael learned the hard way. Don’t be like Michael. Go glass, never go back.

2. Your water bottles won’t “leach” chemicals

There are a variety of metal bottles on the market – some a little scarier than others. Those of the aluminum variety may potentially be leaching chemicals into your water for you to consume. There have been some loose links from aluminum exposure to diseases such as Alzheimer’s. While the science isn’t totally rock solid – it’s not a risk I’m willing to take.

Some aluminum bottles are lined with plastic, which over time can degrade. This means you’re essentially sipping on a plastic cocktail.


All this to say – glass doesn’t leach chemicals and is naturally non-toxic. Your bkr water bottle is safe and as clean as bottles come.

Trying to decide if a bkr water bottle is worth the price? The answer is YES. Here's 5 reasons why you need a bkr water bottle in your life.

3. Your bottle is easy to clean, dishwasher safe

Excuse me for a moment while I brag: we finally have a dishwasher! I used to joke we had a dishwasher at our old apartment…my husband. Lolz.

But now we actually have a dishwasher and it’s the bomb dot com – and makes cleaning a bkr water bottle that much easier! Hand washing is simple enough, but the convenience and ease of being able to pop my bkrs into the dishwasher can’t be beat.

To wash your bkr water bottle in a dishwasher, all you have to do is remove the silicone sleeve and viola. Into the dishwasher it goes. Out it comes, squeaky clean.

Not so fun fact: most metal water bottles are not dishwasher safe. Probably because of the aforementioned leaching issue. Glass can handle the hot water like no other!

4. Buying bkr means supporting women

Bkr is female born and bred. Founders Tal Winter and Kate Cutler lead the company to this day, with 83% of the small team identifying as women. While the bkr fam is tight – they’re mighty women.

Here’s the thing: female CEOs are rare. I personally love the idea of supporting women where I can, because it’s about time we have more diversity when it comes to business leadership. Women bring fresh perspective to the table, and often a lot of passion and emotion.

Tal literally answers DMs herself on the bkr Instagram account. Not only that, she is frequently on stories. I know so few other brands that have leadership this accessible. Tal feels like family – like an older sister I was never blessed with and suddenly get to have in my life. And she wants the best for me.

Trying to decide if a bkr water bottle is worth the price? The answer is YES. Here's 5 reasons why you need a bkr water bottle in your life.

5. Playful, cheeky designs keep you inspired

I meannnn is it vain that I want a cute water bottle? Is that so much to ask? It isn’t, right?

Not when a bkr water bottle is on the scene.

I legit have a bkr shelf in our kitchen and it was a high priority. With a bkr water bottle, it’s not just about making sure I’m drinking my daily H20 goals. My bkr actually helps me express myself. From my favorite Valentine’s Day limited edition “fuck off” bottle to my spiky styles, I bear my bottle like a little mood ring. But like, it also keeps me hydrated and holds my lip balm.

In all seriousness – I appreciate aesthetically pleasing items. Period. I just do, however vain that often may seem. When it comes to wellness, I actually don’t think having a little aesthetic preference is vain. Wellness is hard. Staying hydrated can become more of a chore than an act of self love. But if you do love your bottle – you’re more likely to keep it around, take it with you, and most importantly take a drink. Or two. Or the appropriate 2.7 liters per day.

BONUS POINT: Glass water bottles are more eco friendly

Who doesn’t love doing something good for mama Earth?

Here’s the dealio:

According to the Container Recycling Institute, 100.7 billion plastic beverage bottles were sold in the U.S. in 2014, or 315 bottles per person. 57% of those units were plastic water bottles: 57.3 billion sold in 2014. This is up from 3.8 billion plastic water bottles sold in 1996, the earliest year for available data.

Translated: that’s a shit ton of plastic. Simply by switching to a reusable bottle, you are making a difference.

Furthermore, glass water bottles aren’t just eco friendly, they’re MORE eco friendly than their metal and plastic counterparts. Both of which can contribute to pollution during the production process. Glass is naturally occurring and an amazing eco friendly reusable bottle option you won’t regret.

I’ve got a lot of reasons to love my bkr water bottle. And I’ll keep on loving ’em until they stop loving me back. Which is never. #codependent

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