5 Habits of Power Couples

Beyoncé & Jay-Z, Michelle & Barack, Olivia & Johannes, whether they’re political or just plain fashionable these power couples have nailed down exactly what it takes to have love & mutual success!

1. Make time for both business & pleasure

No relationship can be successful if you don’t make time for each other. Power couples do just that – they manage to strike the perfect balance between their business and personal lives! Bust your butt at the office – but remember to carve out one-on-one time with your other half!

2. Make time for each other – but also make time for yourself

Power couples work well together because they also work well independently. Make sure to spend time cultivating your own hobbies and interests, spend time with friends, and just take some time to yourself! Having a true sense of self makes you a better partner.

3. Realize that it won’t always be easy

My favorite line from Letters to Juliet is when Claire explains that “life is the messy bits.”   Power couples know that the road to happiness and success isn’t always smooth. Although her husband isn’t exactly the most popular US President in history, Laura Bush is often credited with supporting the former president and helping him overcome a drinking problem. The life of a power couple isn’t always glamorous – sometimes it’s just plain hard. But as all power couples know, hard work pays off! Challenging each other to be the best version of yourselves and supporting each other when life is tough is how unbreakable bonds are formed.

4. Know when to team up your talents

Beyoncé & Jay-Z are successful in their own rights – he’s at the top of the rap game and she’s…well she’s Queen Bey for goodness sake. Though they’re successful apart, this power couple knows that when they collaborate it’s pure magic. “Crazy in Love” was crazy good. Just think of all the magic you can create when you put your heads together.

5. Be your partner’s #1 fan

Power couples realize that when their partner is happy and succeeding, they are too! It’s about the unit as a whole, people! Cheer your significant other on in every endeavor they tackle – from a change in career to their latest hobby. Trust me they’ll pay you back by being your #1 fan too!

xoxo Blonde

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