5 Female Run Companies to Shop in 2020

2020 is the year to find all the best female run companies to shop – because to be honest it’s the female founded companies that seem to be making the best items for women.

It makes sense.

Who knows how to make the best sh*t for women, if not other women? Between the period tax, the pink tax, and just the general fact that only 31% of executive leadership roles in the U.S. are held by women, I try to shop female founded whenever I can.

There are so many amazing female run companies to shop in 2020 – so let’s dig into the best of the best out there right now (in my humble opinion).

female run companies to shop 2020

The best female focused (and run!) companies to shop in 2020.


If you’ve followed me on Instagram for a while – you know I am downright obsessed with bkr water bottles. I’ve been posting about bkr for years – and even have blog posts about bkr that go way back.

I love that bkr makes chic, glass bottles that force disgusting single use plastic to become obsolete. The design of bkr makes it arguably one of the sexiest looking reusable water bottles on the market. But what I love most about bkr is the fact that the brand is female founded. Tal and Kate, the co-founders of bkr, are former lawyers, badass moms, and are just some of the realest humans on the block. Their Instagram Stories on the bkr Instagram account tackle topics that range far beyond how to stay hydrated (like what your nipples look like after pregnancy).

Bkr isn’t just a water bottle brand – it’s a female first lifestyle brand.

Love Wellness

Love Wellness is a total women’s wellness brand founded by Lo Bosworth – the former Hills reality TV star turned entrepreneur. I’m personally obsessed with Lo as a human, but specifically love that she turned her own wellness journey into a company that does good.

I’m personally a little skeptical of vitamins in general – I’ve always been a big believer that most of us can and should get all our needed vitamins via food, but we all just have such crappy eating habits that we don’t. That being said – I’m not a doctor. And I definitely take supplements from Love Wellness where I see I have deficiencies and Love Wellness can help!

I currently take the Love Wellness folate vitamin as well as their probiotic – and love that I’m supporting a female founded company while working on my own wellness.


I’m a relatively new customer to Billie razors, but love the anti-pink tax messaging here! So many brands mark up the prices of women’s razors, when their male counterpart products are several dollars cheaper. Women often pay more for the exact same products simply because they’re pink and designed for women.

Billie has a female co-founder that ensured the focus of Billie was to give women access to high quality body care products (they’re really well known for their razors) at reasonable price points. My recent (and first!) Billie order came in to under $10 including shipping.


I’ve been raving about Senreve over on Instagram and YouTube lately. I had heard of the brand a year or so ago, but really started digging into their background within the last month or so, ultimately learning about the two female co-founders that created the brand out of a desire to have a range of bags that are both chic and functional. Think designer – but actually practical.

You can absolutely tell by the interior design of the Senreve bags, specifically the Maestra bags, that women designed them. Between the endless compartments and pockets, plus the handcrafted materials, the attention to detail and quality is unreal.

I am not sponsored by Senreve, but do have a Senreve discount code to share if you’re looking at purchasing! Code “BAGELS” gets you $50 off a purchase of $300 or more on the Senreve website.

Summer Fridays

I’m a very new customer to Summer Fridays (been loving their Jet Lag mask as of late), but have been following the Summer Fridays co-founder Marianna Hewitt for years. A lot of the big beauty brands out there are owned by large corporations, which typically means boardrooms filled with men. While I have mad respect for men and women in business alike, I personally love that Summer Fridays is still small and female founded – and designed for busy working women on the go who need clean, powerful products that work.

What are your fave female run companies to shop? Drop ’em in the comments below!

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female run companies to shop 2020
female run companies to shop 2020

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